Which Electric Car is the Best Investment?

The electric vehicle revolution has just begun, and with it comes a huge growth track that offers incredible deals after a mass sale. With the goal of increasing production at existing factories in Fremont, California, and Shanghai, as well as two new gigafactories in Berlin and Austin (Texas), the electric car industry is comprised of companies focused on manufacturing electric cars, trucks, vans and commercial vehicles, as well as companies that offer parts and services for electric cars. While no single stock represents more than 10% of the fund's shares, the ETF owns the shares of many electric car manufacturers. Tesla is continuing an aggressive production program, making it difficult to discern which companies will ultimately dominate the

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That unpredictability makes investing in the electric car industry riskier than increasing the portfolio's exposure to the automotive industry as a whole. However, more conservative investors are likely to continue to have doubts about its still-high valuation compared to traditional car manufacturers. The best stocks of electric car companies are generally companies that already produce and sell

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, such as XPeng (XPEV), ChargePoint Holdings (CHPT), Proterra Inc., Rivian and Xpeng. Rivian had barely delivered any of its electric trucks or SUVs when it went public, so investing in stocks was a great leap of faith.

Xpeng's technological advances continue to impress, with the company recently completing a test flight of its flying car prototype and launching its new SUV G9, which is “the fastest-charging electric vehicle on the market”. Investors seeking portfolio exposure to the electric car market, but who do not want to select individual stocks, can purchase shares in exchange-traded funds (ETFs). There are many options when it comes to electric vehicle ETFs, although none is a pure investment in electric vehicles. The shares of electric vehicle companies, many of which were unprofitable or barely profitable, collapsed.

Even the best electric vehicle stocks have sold 50% or more in the past 12 months. Access to charging infrastructure remains a problem for electric vehicle owners, so this multi-billion dollar investment in charging should help increase the attractiveness of electric vehicles in the long term. Companies that manufacture components used in

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, such as batteries or autonomous vehicle systems, can also be considered part of the electric vehicle industry. Electric car stocks, represented by the KraneShares Electric Vehicle and Future Mobility (KARS) ETF, performed on par with the overall market over the past year.Despite concerns about the Chinese economy, the China Passenger Car Association predicts that sales of new energy vehicles, including electric and hybrid electric vehicles, will hit a record 6 million this year.

Don't invest in a single electric car company, but rather hold positions in several companies of various sizes and consider buying shares on an ETF.When recently evaluating Rivian's R1T van, car critic Edmunds wrote: “The Rivian R1T is an incredible first effort from a startup company and stands out for its distinctive style, intelligent storage and muscle power”. With a final price-sales ratio of 1.7, XPEV is one of the best electric vehicle stocks to buy now. It should also be noted that RIVN is continuing to work to improve its existing electric vehicles through wireless software updates.Electric cars, commonly called electric vehicles or EVs, are cars with engines that run on electricity instead of gas. For example, it recently improved the safety systems of its electric vehicles and now allows you to adjust the height of the vehicles to make it easier for passengers to enter and exit.

Another feature, called “Camp Mode”, makes their electric vehicles more level for sleeping and offers owners the option of turning on the floodlights.The Motley Fool helps millions achieve financial freedom through our website, podcasts, books, newspaper columns, radio programs and premium investment services. Until recently, very few companies manufactured any type of electric vehicle, but now all of the world's leading car manufacturers are developing or producing an electric vehicle. If we add all this together we have an industry with huge potential that offers incredible deals after a mass sale - these are the best

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stocks to buy now.

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